How Flumind works?

Management of company training. Growing in a new way.

*-Flumind is a world created around the people who populate companies, including those involved in the management of corporate training. Everything becomes simpler, everything runs smoothly – from communication to monitoring. The training offer grows, people grow, your company grow.

All the "plus" of learning with Flumind

For the company

For the collaborator

Home page

All the training at a glance.

The Flumind Library function allows you to upload a myriad of training contents to the platform: ebooks, videos, podcasts … So people can continue to train every day, in different and engaging ways, and grow more and more.

Course sheet

Different courses, one experience.

No difference between the course cards. Whether online or in the classroom, you can always propose the same visual solution. This way people will know where to find the information they are looking for, from the course description to its duration.


What do you wanna watch today?

When you watch  on-demand content, you define your schedule. What if it were also possible to do this with corporate training? Thanks to the playlist function, with Flumind you have the freedom to organize the content to watch as you want.


An "identity card" for each person.

Avatar, contact information, credit counter. In the Profile section, people can view this data and, in addition, they can set their own preferences.


Automatic calendars, advanced communication.

Each person has their own calendar. You keep the commitments of all company members under control and managers can see the commitments of their employees. Ah, the course invitations are also in Calendar format.


Creating courses? We guide you.

Creating a course is as simple as drinking a glass of water. We help you with the wizard system, which is a guided procedure that accompanies you step by step in the management of all training initiatives.


Your window on company training.

Readable infographics and a series of parameters open the view on the progress of training. From here you will have a detailed overview at the right point – only with really useful data – on the formation of the company population. You can also view the data for individual areas / departments.


With the additional Library function you create a multimedia library and allow the team to continue training with any type of content.


Share your successes! Show your certificates on LinkedIn, sharing them directly from the platform.

Self-assessment questionnaires

Fundamental. So people check the skills they have acquired and understand where to improve.

Automated credit management

IVASS, EFPA, MiFID...The monitoring of training credits is in real time.

Customizable reporting

Create reports with only the necessary data (visibility by area / department and by users).

Advanced schedule

For better management of compulsory training you have a useful tool for calculating deadlines.

OmniSCALE technology

Solid technology, optimized for integration with your business software.

Tell your IT

User / process activity tracking system compatible with SCORM and xAPI (Tin-Can).

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