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A mind in motion is a mind that asks itself many questions.

If you are curious about our company training management software, know that they are welcome here. Many of our experts have already answered, so let’s pass the word to them.

Commercial questions

Riccardo, an expert in the commercial area, answers you.

Is there a limit to the number of platform administrators?

No limit. We also work with very large teams that have multiple administrators.

What pricing models are there?
How are users counted in the corporate pricing model?
Is there training on the platform? What kind of assistance do you provide?

Technical questions

Giacomo, expert in the technical area, answers you.

Can the platform be integrated with other company software?
Does the platform have an authoring tool?
How is the personal registry managed?

You can import it via Excel file, or you can automatically feed it through integration with other business software. You can also manage user groups to facilitate the organization of training.

Where does the data is stored?

The data is on a cloud platform with distributed servers.

How can I access the platform? Is it also possible to access from mobile devices?

You can log in with a common browser and through your credentials (username and password). Single sign-on can be implemented with various technologies.

Regarding the second question: sure, Flumind is mobile friendly!

What about GDPR?

If you have doubts about data processing and compliance with the new laws on the GDPR, contact us directly, one of our experts will solve any doubts!

Features questions

Matteo, an expert in the development area, answers you.

Does the user have a history of his training activity?

Does the user have a history of his training activity? Of course, it is tracked in the Training Passport.

Is Flumind customizable?

Absolutely yes.

You can immediately insert your logo: in email communications, in attendance registers, in certificates.

During the project analysis phase you can:

  • Customize dashboards (analytics) and reporting: you can request customization or the introduction of new customized meters.
  • Request further customizations: we can develop ad hoc customizations to meet your needs.
  • Although this is a SaaS service, you can evolve Flumind to adapt it to your needs.
What kind of training and what kind of content can be managed? Can events also be managed?

Flumind allows you to manage face-to-face and online courses (single content, playlists and training courses).

You can deliver different types of content: SCORM, videos, documents, e-books, pdf, podcasts, images, external links.

Not only that: you can also manage events of any kind, monitor registrations and send communications and notifications. Yes, all in one platform.

Is there a calendar of training commitments? Can the platform send reminders, reminders, emails?

The answer to both questions is yes.

Flumind provides calendars (iCal): each user has his own personal calendar in which he can view the training appointments. Not only that: the manager views the commitments of their employees, the HR views the commitments of all.

The platform also automatically sends reminders, reminders, invitations, participation confirmations, cancellation notifications, entries on the waiting list and any other updates regarding events.

What types of tests can be managed?

It is possible to manage learning tests, satisfaction questionnaires and any other type of survey linked or not to a course.

What types of training credits can be managed?

Currently you can manage IVASS, MiFID II, EFPA credits. But you can integrate any other type of credits.

Can a manager supervise the activities of their collaborators?

Sure! You have a monitoring dashboard at your disposal.

Can blended paths be created? Can webinars be managed?

As for the blended courses, we are sorry but this possibility is not foreseen.

Instead, you can easily manage webinars! We have developed our own solution within the platform!

Do you have any curiosity left?

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