We're our vision.

A company that moves, that grows over time because people and minds behind Flumind, never stop. We're a company that believes in corporate training as the key to growth.

We are Flumind, we are this vision.

We help companies that need to grow to make the management of corporate training fluid with an intuitive, technological, energy-saving e-learning platform.

Our mission

We make training management flowing without obstacles.


With an agile system, empathic, smart enough to evolve with you.

Our vision

Everyone’s job it’s a value. We want to preserve it.

We optimize, save energies and find the smartest and coolest way to make your company growth.

And our enthusiasm is contagious!

Our values

We believe in energy, intelligence, empathy.

Everything grows where these forces are unleashed: the talent of individuals, the potential of teams, the opportunities of companies.

We at Flumind are by your side to create the ideal conditions to grow.

Evolve together

We set energies in motion, we move minds, we help your company to change in the right way.


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