A platform to make your team grow

You can define Flumind in different ways: a Learning Management System, a Company Training Management software, an e-learning platform.

We like to present Flumind as a new way to make your team grow.

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We listen to your desire for change

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A platform for human being

Platforms are made of technologies.

Your company, however, is made up of people. Flumind is technology that thinks about people:

  • to who have to manage many different processes, from communications on training activities to monitoring;
  • to IT technicians who will have to integrate the software with company information systems (and now will be able to do so without problems);
  • to collaborators, who with this system will have a single point of reference for all training, online and in the classroom, and will be able to use information and contents in all simplicity. Even from mobile.


A platform based on Italian top standards

To design Flumind we have based ourselves on the dynamics of Italian companies: we have studied the needs and logic of training management, for a solution Made in Italy.


It evolves with your company

Your business will change and grow over time. Flumind will support you in every step towards success, because it is a platform that keeps the same pace as you and moves with you.


A time-saving resource

How useful would it be to optimize the time you spend on training management?
Flumind's automated processes are an energy-saving resource.


Usability first

How does the idea of using a new technology make you feel? Flumind is a platform designed above all to be user-friendly. From the first access to the last reminder.


It helps you improve your training processes

If you want to make staff training more agile, you will have concrete support on your side to plan it, manage it, monitor it easily: without stress, waste of time, long and cumbersome processes.

Your energy is what matter

Keeping training management methods and models in place is not your job. Your job is to ensure the best possible training. For everything else, Flumind is here to help you.


Thank you for writing us. We will be back to you within 48 hours.